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Do you know that a clean, healthy office can reduce the number of sick days of your workforce by 12.5 per cent and significantly improve their productivity?

Ignoring the sanitation of an office space can be a costly mistake for businesses; it may even lead to the business having to permanently shutdown.

Are you searching for commercial office cleaning services in Melbourne to improve the overall performance of your business?

Welcome to Cleaning Spree – the most trusted name for commercial, industrial, and retail cleaning services in Melbourne for over a decade. At Cleaning Spree, we understand the cleaning requirements of our customers and provide them with custom office cleaning services based on their needs.

Why Professional Office Cleaners are Important?

Do you think that regular office cleaning is a luxury and not a requirement? If you do, you should know the advantages of commercial office cleaning.

Healthy Workforce

Professional corporate office cleaning not only removes dirt and stains but harmful pathogens as well, making the interior air healthier. Of course, your workforce becomes healthier, and that reflects in their productivity and overall business performance.

Employees' Morale

Having a healthy environment increases the morale of your employees. It helps make your workforce more willing to ensure that your customers are better satisfied. Did you know a healthy body also means a healthy mind that can give creative contributions to your business?

Business Relationships

Your clients, suppliers, or investors may often visit you at your office. A messy office space can create a bad impression of your business, and that can cause roadblocks that affect your future business relationships. On the other hand, a clean, healthy, and vibrant office space can do wonders for your business.

Professional Sanitation

Most office spaces have some potential risks that can lead to workplace injuries. In addition to professional sanitation, our office cleaning services in Melbourne identify potential slip, trip, and fall hazards in the workplace, and we take necessary steps to minimise the occurrence of workplace injuries.

Regulatory Intervention

Uncleaned, potentially hazardous office spaces can often lead to regulatory intervention with a heavy penalty or even the permanent closure of the business.

At Cleaning Spree, we are committed to providing a clean, healthy office space that can be a great investment for your business.

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What Makes Our Services Different?

For over a decade, we have revolutionised the office cleaning sector of Melbourne with our commitment to creating optimally cleaned workplace and industrial facilities. With thousands of happy customers, we can proudly say that we have helped different industries to achieve next-level business performance.

Before choosing our services, learn what helps us to offer tailored commercial office cleaning services in Melbourne.

State-Of-The-Art Systems And Equipment

At Cleaning Spree, we use modern cleaning systems, safety equipment, and more to ensure thorough cleaning for your space. Our powerful cleaning tools are capable of providing multi-step cleaning and sanitation that remove nearly 99 per cent of dirt as well as more than 90 per cent of harmful microbes from your workplace.

This significantly improves the quality of air in your office space and ensures that your employees and customers are in a healthy environment. Did you know that dirt-free air can reduce the shutdown and repairing issues of your systems and electronic equipment?

Professional Office Cleaners

We are a team of trained commercial cleaning professionals with experience in working in different environments: offices, industrial sites, retail spaces, commercial places, and more. Whether you work in a small office or a large industrial environment, we offer a consistent, high-quality service that can assure the health of your employees and the performance of your business.

Our cleaning professionals will come to your facility at convenient hours and complete their cleaning and sanitation work quickly and efficiently. We will also ensure that your office operations only experience minimal interruptions, if any, and help you to organise your office space to achieve optimal performance.

The Complete Cleaning

Our commercial cleaning covers every inch of your office space as we are committed to providing you with a healthy office space. Our major services, as part of our commercial office cleaning work, include the following:

Note that these cleaning services are ideal for executive offices, commercial offices, factory offices, hospitals and medical offices, and more.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions

At Cleaning Spree, we use biodegradable, non-toxic cleaning solutions made from natural ingredients. We regularly assess the impacts of our operation on the planet and adopt techniques and methodologies to align with our green cleaning goals.

Our cleaning products and procedures are not only safe for our employees but improve the environment of your office significantly. We also have framed office cleaning procedures that ensure optimal use of water while creating a spotless office space.

A Seamless, Transparent Service Experience

We know that you have limited time to focus on the cleanliness of your workplace as you want to pay attention to your core business. At Cleaning Spree, we take pride in providing a healthy workplace environment for our industrial customers with regular, first-rate cleaning services.

Cleaning Spree is committed to giving a highly affordable office cleaning services to all our industrial and commercial customers. You can get an upfront obligation-free quote for your cleaning requirements before choosing our services.

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